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Mr. Henderson of McEinri Associates experience is with petroleum products primarily engine lubricants. This experience encompasses lubricant formulation, engine testing to validate performance and property measurement of the lubricant and its components.  He authored or coauthored several publications on low temperature flow properties of engine lubricants.  These relate to the effect of viscosity on the ability of a lubricant to function at low temperature.  During his participation in ASTM, he has been the lead author on several test methods measuring the low temperature viscosity of automotive lubricants as well as other standards.  The following is a brief list of his experience with lubricants and related petroleum products:

  • Kinematic Viscosity Measurement.
  • Low Temperature Flow Viscosity
    • In Laboratory instruments
    • In engines
  • High Temperature High Shear Viscosity in laboratory bench tests.
  • Additive components development
    • Viscosity Index improvers, non-dispersant and dispersant
    • Friction Modifiers
  • Engine oil formulation with performance demonstration
    • Meeting ILSAC/API specifications
    • Meeting ACEA specifications
    • Complying with ATIEL and ACC Code of Practice
  • Field testing of engine oils
  • Forensic analysis of equipment failure due to lubrication

A member of ASTM for nearly 30 years:

Member of Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants, prior Chairman
Member of Subcommittee 07 on Flow Properties, prior Chairman
Member of Committee E20 on Temperature Measurement

A member of SAE for over 25 years

Member of SAE Engine Oil Viscosity Classification TF
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