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Lubricant Performance yields Smooth Operation

McEinri Associates specializes in consulting on issues related to engine lubricants.  This covers a range of topics from development of the lubricant, testing both property and performance, product performance documentation to forensic analysis of equipment failure due to lubrication.   We offer an experienced perspective on developing and documenting the testing of lubricants as well as laboratory data management.

  Our experience covers the following aspects of lubricants for engines and similar equipment from component selection, performance demonstration, to quality assurance.
Lubricant Development
Select components and concentration to meet specific performance targets.
Facilitate performance testing of candidate products in bench and engine tests
Monitor compliance with industry testing requirements.

Lubricant Performance Measurement
Facilitate - develop unique lubricant tests which simulate engine operation or utilize an engine for demonstration of the lubricants performance.
Facilitate establishment of laboratory procedures for handling data which validate product quality.

Lubricant Property Measurement
Facilitate in creating and developing laboratory tests to measure a physical property or characteristic.
Forensic or Failure Analysis
Evaluate equipment failure to determine related to lubricant.
Laboratory Data Management
Facilitate developing procedures for handling laboratory data to ensure accurate records are maintained on samples tested and the data is readily available for user access.
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